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What We Do

Business to business processes can be hard – but they don’t have to be. Our purpose is to revolutionise the day-to-day, B2B lives of our clients. Here’s how we do that.

Direct Integration with Unleashed

NetEDI seamlessly integrates data from your 3PLs, trading partners and Sales channels with Unleashed to ensure Inventory balances, Sales orders/invoices, and shipping information are synchronised in real-time.

  • Integrate your systems safely and securely
  • Fully automated process
  • Exchange data efficiently in real time

The benefits of

Our integration capabilities have been developed with the end user in mind.

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Here are some of the benefits:

  • Fast and accurate communication between your systems
  • Automatically synchronise all your EDI sales orders directly into Unleashed
  • Transmit shipping notices to your customers when sales orders are completed
  • Create and send sales invoices directly to your trading partners from Unleashed
  • Have your Unleashed inventory updated automatically from your 3rd party logistics provider

Fully Managed and Supported Service

At NetEDI, you’re more than just a number – we understand that if something goes wrong with your system it’ll have real-world effects on your business and the people in it.

Our team of experts provide 24/7 management and support and are trained to swiftly solve any issues that may arise.

Ready to make your data work harder for you?

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Complete integration across your core systems

We understand the power true integration can have on the way you do business.

“Xero and Unleashed can provide integration with each other – giving you access to powerful accounting and inventory software in one place.“

We can integrate directly with both Xero and Unleashed, which means you will be able to see all your accounting, inventory and business-to-business data from one, easy-to-use, online platform.