Application Reference Message Type
ACKHDR Acknowledgement
AVLHDR Availability Report
BTOHDR Book Trade Orders
CAKHDR Claims Acknowledgement File
CLAHDR Claims File
CORHDR Complex Order
CRAHDR Credit Advice File
CREHDR Credit Note File
CUSHDR Customer Information File
DELHDR Delivery Notification File
DLCHDR Delivery Confirmation File
DRAHDR Debit Advice File
DYEHDR Dye Instruction File
EFTHDR Electronic Funds Transaction File
GENHDR General Communications File
HOTHDR Hot Card File
HSOHDR Home shopping Order File
INTHDR Interchange Acknowledgement File
INVFIL Invoice File
ISSUES Issues File
LPRHDR Location Planning Report file
ORDHDR Order File
PAYHDR Payment Order File
PICHDR Picking Instructions File
PPRHDR Product Planning Report File
PRIHDR Price Information File
PROHDR Product Information File
PVUHDR Price and Availability Updates File
SADHDR Stock Adjustment File
SNPHDR Stock Snapshot File
SORHDR Supply and Return File
SRMHDR Statement/Remittance Details File
UCNHDR Uplift Confirmation File
UPLHDR Uplift Instruction File
UTLHDR Utility Bill File