Deep-rooted in tradition, the cidermaker started life at Myrtle Farm in 1904, where William John Thatcher produced the first of their signature beverages.

Fast-forward to 2021, and although still based out of their Somerset home, Thatchers have gone on to become one of the world’s favourite cider companies with an annual turnover in excess of £100m.


  • Circa 80% of all orders (value-wise) now running through NeTIX.
  • 26 trading partners successfully onboarded onto a centralised platform.
  • Extremely positive user and customer feedback
  • End-to-end integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Thatchers wanted a system that would allow them to continue to trade openly and freely with their customers.

Working with large retailers such as Asda, Sainsbury’s and Tesco, it was of paramount importance that Thatchers chose a supplier who understood the specific demands of large retailers. Each retailer required bespoke mapping to fit their requirements; therefore it was key for NetEDI to offer a system that could transmit and translate all message types.


To ensure we provided Thatchers with the right solution tailored for their needs and those of their customers, our team worked closely with Thatchers through each stage of the process to map out not only their current requirements, but to see where they envisioned their solution growing.

By providing a solution that is scalable to meet the demands of their ever-growing business, Thatchers now have the platform to empower future growth.



Key to Thatchers growth is ensuring complete adoption through the onboarding process. Gaining complete compliance and adoption is often a sticking point for many customers, taking up masses of resource and time away from key business functions.

As more customers are successfully onboarded onto NeTIX, Thatchers gain greater insight into their supply chain helping to empower key business decisions backed by real-time data.






Moving from a system that required manual data entry and with no direct link to their ERP, it was key for Thatchers to move forward with a provider that offered a solution more in-keeping with the fast-paced nature of their business.

Coming from a dated system which was inhibited by a single user login on one static device was also a major pain point for Thatchers. Through their NeTIX solution, they can now access real-time data on any internet enabled device with multi-user logins.




Supply chain automation is a key part of the success companies like Thatchers enjoy. The back of NetEDI’s in-house support team is integral to that success, which is why Thatchers were extremely selective when choosing NetEDI as their new provider.

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