NeTIX - Starter

With no software to install and the gentlest of learning curves, you’ll be exchanging EDI documents with your trading partners in a matter of hours.


NeTIX - Professional

For businesses integrating EDI documents into ERP and accounting systems. NetEDI provide a fully managed cloud platform for your EDI and integration needs.


NeTIX - Enterprise

An enterprise class platform aimed at high workload business use. Designed and built with an emphasis on performance, security and reliability.


A few of NetEDI's core features

Team Expertise

Clients gain access to a team of B2B specialists and process experts. We take care of all aspects of your EDI system.

End to End

Transact business documents with your trading partners and integrate them into your ERP or back office accounting systems.

Simple to use

Transacting with your business partners is made easy. An easy to use solution designed to meet the requirements of all business sizes.


NetEDI architecture allows enormous processing throughput and memory availability whist delivering high-availability for non-stop operation.


NetEDI provide the highest quality enterprise and hardware solutions. No unexpected charges, all maintenance and updates are part of a fixed plan.


NetEDI’s online EDI platform can be quickly scaled up and down based on your specific requirements. The system grows with your business.


Learn what NetEDI can do for your business.We will assess your business needs in order to provide you with a cutting edge B2B system that can truly benefit your organisation.


Where does your EDI journey begin...

The company we keep

NetEDI delivers a powerful Cloud-based accounting, ERP integration and web form turnaround platform that connects and automates vital business processes.

Whether your company is large or small, you’re needs simple or complex, your technology expertise strong or limited, NetEDI’s set of cloud-based solutions can meet your needs.