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Streamline sales order processing intelligently across your business

As technology filters through to everyday life, consumers are becoming more tech savvy and demanding. Technology company’s are having to keep up with the pace of their competitors and bring to market new products quicker than ever before.

The supply chain needs to perform as efficiently as possible to avoid bottlenecks, resource drain and hits to the bottom line. These days’ Supply chains cross-continents, language differences and time-zones. Taking care of the data tracking is becoming hugely important across the sector.

NetEDI’s services offer 24/7 support for full round the clock peace of mind. Together with Cloud-based Translation, Full Document tracking visibility, Managed Services, Shipping Applications, Remote Label printing, and a Dashboard available in many different languages, NetEDI has a service to meet your needs. To further improve the supply chain, NetEDI’s on boarding service can help you take advantage of electronic trading with even the smallest of your suppliers.

NetEDI services give you a competitive edge

NetEDI’s Managed EDI and Translation Service takes care of everything, from custom communication protocols, to diverse data formats, NetEDIs suite of services gives you the confidence to know that you can compete effectively and respond to requests in a timely manner.

Products developed for sale via the retail supply chain can take advantage of NetEDI’s extensive knowledge in this sector. With connections to the major retailers, and online stores, NetEDI can provide you with a one stop service for the whole of your supply chain.

NetIX service provides a single solution to translate your data and integrate it with your ERP system. Actually it goes a step further than traditional integration; we can actually embed EDI functionality within the ERP system itself. Imagine never having to leave your ERP system to trace document statuses, imagine being able to ‘Send to EDI’ documents from within your ERP system, and imagine these appearing within your suppliers ERP systems within minutes. Now imagine that your supplier sends back status updates with quantities and delivery dates direct from within their ERP system and for this information to update your Orders within your own ERP system this is true data synchronisation. The platform allows all parties to view the same information in real-time within the comfort of their own ERP system. And the best part is that the ERP systems do not have to be the same.

Embedded EDI is currently available for Sage 50, Sage 200, Sage 500, Sage 1000 Exchequer, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, GP and AX, with more to follow shortly.

NetEDI take the technical requirements away from their clients and bundle it up into an easy to understand service, driven by a team of hardworking and demanding experts.

Find out how NetEDI can help to take your company to the highest level, by reducing costs on the bottom line, and increasing efficiencies right throughout the supply chain for you and your Partners.

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