Switching to NetEDI is simple

There has never been a better time to move to an improved solution. Everything about NetEDI is designed to be easy. That includes switching to us. With a few steps, we can migrate your existing system securely to NetEDI.

Why Switch to NetEDI?

Managed Service

All of the necessary components your company needs, tools, technology, platform and access to NetEDI expertise are all provided to your company.

Cost effective

All communications and processing are done from a secure hosted environment meaning all you need is an internet connection and browser.

Up to date technology

Updating software versions shouldn’t be your problem. If your system needs an update, it happens in the background.


NetEDI provides true multi-user access enabling users to work on the EDI solution at the same time.

Switching from your existing EDI provider

1. Order

Place your order with NetEDI. Our
dedicated team will talk with your
trading partners to manage the
transition to your new system.

2. During the Switch

Our dedicated switching team will
manage the switch of all your trading
Partners, communications and links to
ERP/Accounting systems.

3. On the day of the Switch

You’ll begin to send/receive your
trading partner messages on your
new NetEDI system without any loss
of service during the switch.

More information

Reasons to switch EDI provider

EDI Systems have been helping company’s exchange data with their supply chain for decades.
However more and more companies are experiencing issues that impact their trading community,
– Unsatisfactory customer service and slow problem resolution
– An unreliable network with too much downtime
– Legacy, inflexible platform and technology
– Time delays with on-boarding new trading partners
– No visibility and time consuming tracking of exceptions
– Confusing bill structure with unexpected charges

Specialist Migration team

The migration team is a dedicated team of project co-ordinators who make it easy to switch your
current service over to NetEDI. The team handles all aspects of dashboard access, including migration
setup, testing and customer migration. You can also view the migration online with real time status of
each trading relationship.

Our Customer Support

NetEDI aims to delivers high customer satisfaction and customer support is a primary focus.
– 93% first call resolution
– Over 90% of customers rate service as exceptional or extremely satisfied
– Personal touch, primary point of contact provided one to one communication and updates.

What to do next

Please contact us and we’ll provide a quote and more information on how we’ll migrate your system.
t: +44 (0) 1772 977781
e: sales@netedi.co.uk

NetEDI deliver a cloud-based B2B platform as a managed service. We take responsibility for an organisations B2B operation by managing their electronic trading processes and requirements.

We provide an end-to-end solution that is efficient, scalable and secure built using a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. Our mission is to deliver a world class service that your business deserves.

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