NetEDI provides a fully managed and supported EDI service, regardless of what type of solution you choose. We have a team of EDI experts on hand 24/7, to make sure your solution is running just as it should be.

The setting up and testing process has been designed to be as painless as possible. From the first conversation you have with one of our sales representatives, to the moment you go live on your new EDI solution, you can rest assured that everything is being handled by people who care.

Getting started on the right solution

Once you’ve placed your order, all your information will be passed over to our Operations Team, so they can be sure we understand all your specific requirements. Once they’ve done their part, the process then moves on to the Onboarding Team.

It’s the Onboarding team that will organise all the testing for your new system, to make sure everything is ship-shape and as efficient as possible. In some cases, they will request something called a dual feed. This means that your new, cutting-edge EDI system will work alongside your old system, replicating your messages to make sure it’s performing correctly. Nothing will be duplicated incorrectly – it’ll just be running in the back-ground, so we can check it’s ready to go.

What’s it like to switch EDI providers?

We understand that changing something as important as your EDI provider can be worrying, but our diligent team will make sure you end up with the right system for you. Martin Dale, Head of IT at SCS, remarks, ‘When you implement EDI, there are sometimes issues that arise that you don’t foresee in the beginning. However, the testing process was so thorough and NetEDI was so flexible and responsive, we ended up with a system that really works.’

If you’d like to find out more about how we helped SCS revolutionise their old, paper-based system, just have a look at their case study.

On-going support

Once we know your system is ready to go live, one of our friendly Onboarding team members will get in touch and arrange some training, so that you can move forwards with confidence. As you may already know, our software is truly multi-user which can save a lot of time and hassle further down the road. We’ll make sure that our thorough training is rolled out to everyone in your organisation who needs it.

If you need a solution that integrates with your Enterprise Resource Planning system, we’ll make sure all your important business data works perfectly in sync. We did just that for British business success story, Tangle Teezer. Dan Nicholson, Head of IT at Tangle Teezer, says, ‘We had to start looking at how technology could help us take the next step as a business. The sales guys at NetEDI were great – we needed our EDI system to integrate with Sage and they made sure our solution met our needs as a business.’

You can read more about how our technology helped Tangle Teezer take the next step as a business, here.

Going Live!

Once training is completed we can schedule your ‘go live’ date, so you can send and receive EDI messages with your trading partners.

After you’ve gone live, our support team will still be there to make sure that everything continues to run as it should. Sophie Gates, CEO of Ugly Drinks, explains how relaxed she feels with the support from NetEDI – “I know you’re reliable and I know you’ve got all the technical stuff covered, so I don’t have to worry. The support is always there, and the team is very friendly and easy to talk to.”

Find out more about our managed service by calling us on the number at the top of the page and speaking to a member of our sales team today.