Partner Referral Program

NetEDI Ltd is always looking for opportunities to reach new customers through its Partner referral program. As a member, your organisation will receive a referral fee for the successful recommendation of well-qualified prospects that would benefit from NetEDI solutions and services. The referral fee is graduated, based on the level of involvement in the sales cycle the referring partner is willing to commit and is earned for all well-qualified leads that result in NetEDI product or services sales.

How the Program Works

The program requires that all participating partners complete the Business Partner Application Form. The application will be reviewed and when approved; NetEDI will provide the Referral Partner Agreement for mutual execution.

The NetEDI Referral Partner Program requires that participating partners:

  • Identify a designated point of contact with NetEDI.
  • Make reasonable efforts to endorse and promote NetEDI products and solutions and provide well-qualified opportunities that have a need for such a solution.
  • For each well-qualified opportunity, please complete an Opportunity Registration Form. The form will identify the client and the relevant services to be delivered. This also ensures our partners are given credit for a NetEDI activity the prospect may engage in.