An Exact Online App
Send and Receive SMS using your Exact Contacts

Gives you the ability to send and receive SMS messages using your Exact Online Contacts. Within a few clicks you can bulk message your entire Contact list, or a specific range of Contacts to send SMS messages to. There is also the ability to view SMS messages received within Exact Online.

The NeTIX – SMS App, powered by 24X, links your Contacts mobile number to SMS sent or received to allow SMS data to be displayed within Exact against the Contact and Account records, quickly send messages to one or a group of contacts at once.

You can use the service to bulk send marketing messages, reminders, news or anything that you want to tell your contacts. You can even use the service to setup receipt of messages from your contacts and display the SMS data within Exact.

What you get…

  • Send and Receive SMS messages using your Exact Online Contacts
  • View SMS messages received against your Exact Online Contacts and Accounts
  • Track SMS delivery reports against your contacts

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