An Exact Online App
Connect your Magento Web Shop to your Exact Online system.
The NeTIX – Magento App links your Exact Online and Magento systems together, allowing you to centrally and automatically manage orders and integrate them into Exact Online. NeTIX Professional from NetEDI bridges the gap between your external web shop and your internal applications, synchronising and automating the processes removing duplication and costly keying in errors.

Take Orders on your web site and manage them within your Exact Online solution, just as you would any other type of Order.
Keep Product inforomation synced and up-to-date.
When you are ready to ship the goods, the NeTIX – Magento App will update Magento and trigger an email to the customer advising that the goods are on their way.
Allow Stock Quantity to be shown within Magneto by syncing your Inventory from Exact Online to Magento.

What you get…

  • Send and Receive SMS messages using your Exact Online Contacts
  • View SMS messages received against your Exact Online Contacts and Accounts
  • Track SMS delivery reports against your contacts

NetEDI delivers a powerful Cloud-based accounting, ERP integration and web form turnaround platform that connects and automates vital business processes.

Whether your company is large or small, you’re needs simple or complex, your technology expertise strong or limited, NetEDI’s set of cloud-based solutions can meet your needs.