An Exact Online App
Connect Exact with Constant Contact,an Affordable Marketing Campaign Service
Sync Contacts from Exact into Constant Contact, and track and view delivery statuses right within Exact Online

Automatically sync your contact details with Constant Contact, removing the need for re-keying, and ensuring that the data is matched in both systems.

Create and send your campaign via Constant Contact using the details in your Exact Contacts.

Automatically retrieve delivery reports from Constant Contact and update the Contact in Exact Online.
This includes:-
1. updating the mailing status using Opt-out functionality.
2. Recording Delivery, Sent, Bounced, Click through, Forwards and Opened statuses against the Contact

View all the Marketing Campaign results that you need, right within your Exact Online solution.

What you get…

  • Sync your Exact Contacts with Constant Contact
  • Track Delivery, Sent, Bounced, Clicks, Forwards and Opened statuses for each Email sent within
  • Keep track of opt-out statues and auto-update the contact in Exact

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