As your business develops, it’s inevitable that you will outgrow your resources at some point. Your list of trading partners will get longer, and you’ll handle more and more data. You may even find yourself struggling to keep track of different orders and invoices, needing reports that your system can’t produce or simply devoting too much time to manual data entry.

EDI can prepare your business for growth

NetEDI provides scalable, secure and efficient EDI solutions, specifically designed to grow with your business. We can provide full integration and automation, as well as industry specific capabilities. Our software as a service platform is the right choice, not just for today but for the future as well.

Our solutions

NeTIX Starter is a web-based, easy to use solution, designed to meet the requirements of smaller businesses, seeking a low investment start into the world of EDI. Starter may be suitable if you only have one main trading partner who requires you to use EDI, or you have a low number of documents to exchange.

Next, we have NeTIX Professional. The main difference between Starter and Professional is that the latter allows for full integration with your ERP/back-office system. This means that your EDI system and ERP system are fully in sync and can communicate with each other in real-time. Some of our clients start their EDI journey with Starter, with the knowledge that they can upgrade to Professional further down the line, as their requirements change.

NeTIX Enterprise is a solution designed for larger corporations that exchange a high number of documents on a regular basis. As with all our solutions, NeTIX Enterprise is fully managed and monitored, 24/7.

Adding trading partners

With NeTIX, it’s easy to add trading partners and create bespoke connections. We understand that EDI is not a ‘one size fits all’ matter and we’re committed to providing all our clients with a system that’s truly tailored for them.

NeTIX was designed to help fuel the business growth of our clients, so we make a point of making it as easy as possible to add more trading partners as your business grows. We’ll handle all software updates from our end, so you never have to worry about updating anything yourself.

We’re also a certified PEPPOL Access Point for NHS Trusts and suppliers, and once you’re connected to the PEPPOL network there’s no extra charge to add new Trusts.

Positioned for growth

To sum up, our NeTIX solutions are designed to adapt with the changing needs of your enterprise and will position your company for growth in the first place. EDI allows you to exchange documents in a matter of minutes rather than days and frees up a significant amount of time that can be redirected to higher value activities in your business.

So, there you have it! Hopefully we’ve explained how EDI can be scaled up, depending on your needs. You can find more information on the different NeTIX solutions here. If you want to have a conversation about EDI and how we can help your business flourish, just get in touch using one of the options at the top of the page.