PEPPOL (Pan-European Public Procurement Online) is part of the NHS’ eProcurement strategy that was first published in April 2014. The strategy was driven by a need to stabilise non-pay spending in the NHS and to optimise the exchange of data between NHS trusts and their suppliers.

The strategy established the GS1 coding and PEPPOL messaging standards throughout the NHS, which has enabled for simplified and standardised connection between trusts and suppliers. The main purpose of PEPPOL is to allow for the transfer of electronic business documents, including Invoices, Credit Notes and Advance Shipping Notifications, across a European-wide interoperable network.


Using a PEPPOL Access Point

You can gain access to the PEPPOL network through an accredited Access Point. Once connected to a PEPPOL Access Point, you’re able to exchange documents with any other organisation who is also connected to the network. This is because PEPPOL is designed to interoperable so you don’t need to worry if another organisation is using a different service provider. It’s important to note that using PEPPOL does not replace the system you’re currently using. Instead it simply allows you to connect with other organisations without incompatibility being an issue.


The benefits of using PEPPOL

Using PEPPOL to trade electronically with business partners comes with some unique benefits. These benefits include –

  • Cost effective – One of the key benefits of using PEPPOL is that it enables you to trade electronically with business partners without any need for investment in new software or servers. There are also no additional roaming fees when connecting with a customer who’s using a different service provider.
  • Convenient – Another key benefit is that once you’re signed up, you’re a ready to go    straight away and can use PEPPOL to transfer documents easily with any other business that’s connected to the network without having to worry about compliance.
  • Improved cash flow– The fact that PEPPOL provides a more automated system for         organisations to transfer documents, it means that payment and processing errors can be reduced greatly and errors that do occur can be reconciled more quickly and effectively.


Use NetEDI as your Accredited Access Point

NetEDI are an accredited Access Point for PEPPOL. We enable you to connect with NHS buyers and sellers in a seamless way using GS1 messaging standards.

If you’d like more information or are interested in using NetEDI as an Access Point then please get in touch and we’ll be able to answer any questions you have.