There’s a growing presence in the modern office: artificial intelligence

The same technology that enables a GPS application to find the most efficient route to your destination or lets an online store recommend products based on past purchases is gradually transforming the office; promising to redefine how we can get the most out of employees and provide our best staff with more time to spend on the jobs that count.

The possibility of enabling a business to automate processes, improve efficiency and become more agile is what first encouraged NetEDI to make its way into the world of AI. Facilitating the exchange of business data via a Cloud-based EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) platform is what the company are known for. Incorporating AI into their primary solution, NeTIX, provided an exciting challenge on how best to help business’ EDI users manage their daily processes.

Introducing Eva, the world’s first EDI Voice Assistant. NetEDI’s Eva is a personal assistant chatbot that aims to try and simplify some of the complexities of EDI software and help users manage transaction queries through conversation.

Chatbots are developing into a key driver that is propelling AI into people’s offices and homes. Chatbots have the ability to create a personalised, effective dialogue with a user in real-time. Integrating these technologies into online business platforms can alleviate tasks traditionally carried out by an employee and allow them to focus on other things.

Amazon opened up their Echo voice-assistant device to third-party developers which enabled NetEDI to build on the bot infrastructure which means that Alexa can now check your EDI system. Eva is known as an Alexa Skill, and is compatible with the Amazon Echo, Dot, Tap and Alexa compatible apps on mobile phones and other devices, like Reverb on Android.

Imagine relaxing at home and then realising you hadn’t checked if your business had received any EDI orders, or checked if everything was ok. Well now you don’t have to get up out of your chair and switch your laptop on and login to the NeTIX EDI service. Simply say “Alexa, ask Eva for a summary for today”. Eva will then check your NeTIX EDI service and respond such as “5 orders have been received and 4 invoices have been sent. There have been no failures”. How about that for peace of mind?

Eva can do so much more, with additional interactions planned for the future. Currently you can ask Eva “how many invoices have I received today?”, “have there been any failures this week?”, “for a summary for last week?”, “to log a support call” and so much more. Future enhancements will provide voice-driven help for picking orders, packing goods onto pallets and even processing an order into an invoice and sending it back to the customer all through the Alexa Skill – Eva.

The development of the first cloud EDI-platform with chat bot integration, highlights NetEDI’s commitment to innovation and supporting the needs of business owners. The Eva skill is the world’s first voice-driven way of interacting with an EDI system to get updates and keep an eye on your EDI service.

By the year 2020, Gartner predicts that the average person will interact more with bots than they will with their partner. Bots have been around for more than 50 years as automatons that make our lives easier. Now, our electric devices become increasingly cognisant, from scheduling calendar reminders, to financial bots offering instant updates on your bank balance or quickly tracking expenses.

To learn more about Eva and what she can do for you visit her web page.