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As part of the NHS Scan4Safety Strategy, all existing and new suppliers must comply with PEPPOL messaging standards

As NHS Supply Chain’s PEPPOL Solution Provider of choice, all suppliers must liaise with NetEDI to start or continue exchanging documents through the Peppol network.

NHS Supply Chain has established a mandatory eProcurement programme which is now being rolled out to all suppliers. If you wish to continue to trade with NHS Supply Chain or a number of NHS Trusts, you must adhere to the latest PEPPOL protocols.

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What is Peppol?

Pan-European Public Procurement OnLine or Peppol as it is more commonly known, is a set of artifcats and specifications enabling cross-border e-Procurement.

Peppol enables trading partners to exchange standards-based electronic documents over the Peppol network (based on a 4 corner model).


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Understanding Peppol and the need for change

The implementation of Peppol brings with it a host of benefits for both suppliers and the NHS Supply Chain including but not limited to:

  • Reduction of order processing lead time
  • Cost reduction through process optimisation
  • More accurate order placement
  • Shorter business cycles
  • Administrative cost cuts
  • Elimination of redundant manual data input
  • Reduced manual work required
  • Faster payments

PEPPOL involves a suite of electronic documents that, when utilised in combination with a defined set of business rules and processes, enables a significant improvement to the efficiency and administration of the trading relationship.

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What are the next steps?

To continue to trade freely and securely with the NHS Supply Chain, you will need to implement a PEPPOL solution.

If you’d like to learn more about PEPPOL please see our FAQ and helpful information sections.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • If I need any further information about PEPPOL, who should I contact?

    NetEDI Onboarding Team –

  • I already have a PEPPOL provider. What are my options?

    If your PEPPOL provider supports advanced shipping notes, then you can contact them and have them activate the ASN message for you. NetEDI are providing an online portal for NHS Supply Chain suppliers that supports all NHS Supply Chain business documents and is free of charge for all suppliers up to 50 orders per month. You can use the online portal to create and return the ASNs if your PEPPOL provider is not able to support ASNs and labels, or your provider needs more time to implement the ASN and labels.

  • What is Peppol?

    PEPPOL (Pan-European Public Procurement Online) is a specification that defines both message (business documents) structure and content as well as how the documents are transmitted between customers and suppliers. It is intended to be a single global standard and has been adopted by the UK Department for Health and Social Care to simplify and standardise business document exchange across the NHS Supply Chain.

  • Why are NHS Suppply Chain moving to Peppol?

    NHS Supply Chain are committed to supporting Department for Health Initiatives and as such, the Department for Health Scan4Safety Initiative is targeting the adoption of message standardisation across the NHS via GS1 PEPPOL standard. NHS Supply Chain recognises and supports the benefits of this initiative and has taken the decision to adopt the same PEPPOL standards as a priority.

    NHS Supply Chain also recognised the PEPPOL initiative would allow them to migrate away from 20 years of customer specific EDI connections and message formats. This was built around their legacy EDI platform that was in urgent need of modernisation. Moving to PEPPOL allows for the replacement of this complex setup and replaces it with a single message standard and communication method.

  • How can I find out more about PEPPOL?

    The GS1 PEPPOL Message Standards and further guidance is available from the following website:

The NHS Supply Chain Onboarding Team here at NetEDI are available to answer any further questions about implementing PEPPOL with NHS Supply Chain. If you have any questions or queries, please submit your details below: