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We are now in the final
stages of NHS Supply chain
moving to PEPPOL

Important announcement to ALL NHS Supply Chain
Suppliers who have not yet moved to PEPPOL.

(Unless you are a smaller supplier and exclusively using the NHS Supply Chain
Portal for all documents). Please read below.

Dear Supplier,

Following the successful implementation of PEPPOL messaging by much of our supplier community, NHS Supply Chain is now able to move forward with our planned closure of all legacy EDI messages and interfaces. This will consolidate all electronic business document exchange with suppliers onto the Department of Health mandated PEPPOL standards for Orders and Invoices and the additional PEPPOL messages supported by NHS Supply Chain - Order Responses, Delivery Notes and Credits.

Removal of support for all legacy electronic document exchange methods is scheduled for 30th September 2019, this is to include any documents sent as attachments to emails. At the same time NHS Supply Chain will be adapting a single format of email orders and any supplier still taking orders on an email, or who has not managed to move to PEPPOL, will be moved to this format. Suppliers must therefore complete the move to PEPPOL before 30th September 2019. Suppliers who are unable to complete the migration to PEPPOL before this date will only have the option to receive email orders and update them manually through NHS Supply Chain Web Portal.

Given the closure date has now been set and that it can take up to three months for some providers to implement PEPPOL, we would strongly recommend that action is taken now to ensure your PEPPOL implementation is fully tested and migrated before 30th September 2019. NetEDI provide NHS Supply Chain with a managed PEPPOL service and they are available to assist and support your migration. They will be contacting you in the coming days to confirm your plans and expected timescales for migrating to PEPPOL. Alternatively, if you would like to progress immediately, their contact details are provided below.

Kind regards,

NetEDI NHS Supply Chain Onboarding Team
Tel: 0800 319 6134
Email: nhssc@netedi.co.uk

The benefits of using PEPPOL

PEPPOL provides an automated, efficient system for exchanging business documents. It means that payment and processing errors can be reduced.

One of the key cost benefits of using a web-based platform is that it enables companies to trade electronically with business partners without a significant investment in new hardware.

Document validation and receipt, eProcurement software allows automation of key processes through seamless integration with ERP and other back-end systems.

Get in touch

The NHS Supply Chain Onboarding Team here at NetEDI are available to answer any further questions about implementing PEPPOL with NHS Supply Chain. They can be contacted via email at nhssc@netedi.co.uk or directly on 0800 319 6134.

Call free on
0800 319 6134

Email the team at

Online chat here
on the website

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the NHS Supply Chain PEPPOL Initiative?
    NHS Supply Chain Initiative will transition all business document exchange between NHS Supply Chain and our Customers and Suppliers to use a new Department of Health backed message protocol known as PEPPOL.
  • Why are NHS Supply Chain moving to PEPPOL?
    NHS Supply Chain are committed to supporting Department for Health Initiatives and as such, the Department for Health Scan4Safety Initiative is targeting the adoption of message standardisation across the NHS via GS1 PEPPOL standard. NHS Supply Chain recognises and supports the benefits of this initiative and has taken the decision to adopt the same PEPPOL standards as a priority.
  • What is PEPPOL?
    PEPPOL (Pan-European Public Procurement Online) is a specification that defines both message (business documents) structure and content as well as how the documents are transmitted between customers and suppliers.
  • Is the NHS Supply Chain PEPPOL Initiative the same as the Department for Health Scan4Saftey Initiative?
    No. Scan4Safety is initially targeting a small number of NHS Trusts and specific suppliers of certain product types. These initial trusts are known as demonstrator sites and are being used to show the benefits the initiative can delivery. Further information can be found here http://www.scan4safety.nhs.uk/.The NHS Supply Chain PEPPOL Initiative applies to all suppliers of NHS Supply Chain regardless of products supplied. As PEPPOL is intended to be used as a common standard across the NHS, NHS Supply Chain is using this opportunity to standardise its own electronic document exchange process with suppliers, using the same PEPPOL common format.
  • My business is already exchanging electronic documents with NHS Supply Chain, why have I been contacted?
    NHS Supply Chain has numerous different processes and systems in operation with suppliers. Any existing documents or formats exchanged with suppliers will be migrated to use the PEPPOL standard. NHS Supply Chain has engaged NetEDI to co-ordinate and assist suppliers with migrating to the NHS Supply Chain PEPPOL standard.
  • What Information is provided to Suppliers by NHS Supply Chain to explain what is required to successfully implement the NHS Supply Chain PEPPOL Messages?
    NHS Supply Chain with the guidance of NetEDI have created the NHS Supply Chain PEPPOL Suppliers Implementation Guide which provides all the necessary information and message specifications to assist suppliers with implementing the NHS Supply Chain PEPPOL Requirements.
  • Why are NetEDI involved on behalf of NHS Supply Chain?
    As a certified PEPPOL Access point and a leading provider of both PEPPOL and integrated EDI solutions, NHS Supply Chain has selected NetEDI as their PEPPOL Solution provider. NetEDI are also providing onboarding and assistance to NHS Supply Chain suppliers to help them successfully implement the NHS Supply Chain PEPPOL requirements.
  • Do I have to use a PEPPOL solution from NetEDI?
    No, although NHS Supply Chain have selected NetEDI as their PEPPOL Solution Provider and Access Point, PEPPOL Standards ensure interoperability between PEPPOL Access Points. This means Suppliers are free to select the PEPPOL Solution Provider and PEPPOL Access Point that best suits their business requirements.
  • What is the difference between a PEPPOL Access Point and a PEPPOL Solution Provider?
    PEPPOL Access Point is simply a means to send and receive a PEPPOL Message. The PEPPOL Access Point only accepts and delivers PEPPOL Messages. Access Point providers must be certified by the PEPPOL Governance Authority.
    A PEPPOL Solution Provider will allow you to create PEPPOL messages or interpret them into a format your business can work with.
    NetEDI is both a certified PEPPOL Access Point and PEPPOL Solution provider.
  • What options are available to implement the NHS Supply Chain PEPPOL initiative?
    Suppliers have four options available to implement the NHS Supply Chain PEPPOL requirements and the Onboarding Team are available to discuss the following options in detail.

    1. Own Solution - Suppliers may implement their own PEPPOL compliant solution or use a third party PEPPOL Solution Provider and exchange messages through a certified PEPPOL Access Point.  

    NetEDI NeTIX Integrated - Select an integrated PEPPOL Solution from NetEDI that will work directly with your existing systems. This solution will also be fully compliant with any NHS Trust that has adopted PEPPOL. This includes message exchange through the NetEDI PEPPOL Access Point.

    3. NetEDI NeTIX Web - Lower volume suppliers may consider the NetEDI PEPPOL Web solution that supports all required NHS Supply Chain PEPPOL messages and any NHS Trusts adopting PEPPOL. This option provides web based receipt and return of all PEPPOL Messages and the message exchange through the NetEDI PEPPOL Access Point.  

    4. NHS Supply Chain NeTIX Portal - NHS Supply Chain have provided suppliers with direct access to the NHS Supply Chain NeTIX Portal. This option allows suppliers to view and return all NHS Supply Chain Messages.
  • What business documents will be exchanged using the new NHS Supply Chain PEPPOL Messages?
    All suppliers are required to exchange PEPPOL Orders and Invoices. The other messages that are available to exchange with NHS Supply Chain are;

    NHS Supply Chain PEPPOL Order Confirmations/Responses (receive)

    NHS Supply Chain PEPPOL Despatch Advice (receive)

    NHS Supply Chain PEPPOL Credit Notes (receive)
  • Who should I contact to find out more information about the NHS Supply Chain PEPPOL Initiative?
    The NHS Supply Chain Onboarding Team at NetEDI are available via email at nhssc@netedi.co.uk or via phone on 0800 319 6134 to discuss any aspect of the NHS Supply Chain PEPPOL Initiative.
  • How can I find out more about PEPPOL?
    The GS1 PEPPOL Message Standards and further guidance is available from the following website: https://www.gs1uk.org/our-industries/news/2014/11/27/what-is-peppol