Connect to the NHS with the UK’s No.1 Peppol provider

NetEDI is the No.1 Peppol solution provider in the UK. We work internationally to improve patient care, supply chains and purchase-to-pay timescales within the healthcare sector.

Why should your business adopt Peppol?

  • Peppol is the best way to drive interoperability and trading through connected parties within the NHS
  • We have a one-to-many connection: Connect just once and reap the benefits of connecting to everyone else on the network.
  • Peppol is fully electronic and suitable for any business size.

Save time, save money and support the NHS

  • We support several standard Peppol messages including invoices, orders, order acknowledgements, dispatch notifications, advance shipping notifications and credit notes.
  • NHS Trusts will save time and money and put those resources back into frontline patient care
  • Our customers can rest assured that they will remain compliant with all new regulations and legislation concerning Peppol.

Empowering the NHS Supply Chain

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