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An robust and scalable EDI solution that enables businesses to grow

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If you’re a smaller enterprise, a start-up business or an entrepreneur trading in large markets, the NeTIX Starter EDI solution could be for you.

Reduce human errors and manual data entry to help your business save time & resources

Our solutions are hosted within a certified hosting facility ensuring full data protection and security

We manage the onboarding of new trading partners and provide constant support

NeTIX Starter provides a straightforward, cost-effective EDI solution without the complexity that larger EDI providers often bring.

Functionality available anywhere

Our platform enables growth and supply chain optimisation, and can adapt to suit the needs of your business

    NetEDI has built the system to be easy to use. NeTIX is a cloud-based platform with internet access and logins so that you can view your trading data whenever you need to, wherever you are. With multi-user logins you can access your trading data across the business in various departments.

    The customisable dashboard allows you to present EDI data in the most useful format for your business, allowing you to access information quickly.


    “The support is always there.”

    Ugly are a drinks company with a difference and they needed a solution that could match the ever-growing demand for their products. With the help of our solutions, they are now able to trade seamlessly and securely with the likes of Tesco, Whole Foods, Amazon and Holland and Barrett.

    The business gains of EDI: speed and efficiency


    NeTIX has pre-configured maps for the well-known large retailers, and we use these to get new customers up and running quickly, so they soon start to enjoy the benefits of EDI. Businesses from many sectors have already embraced EDI because it brings them faster processing, greater accuracy and improved efficiency.

    EDI enables a business to process documents faster with a reduction in manual data entry and human error. There are fewer errors and queries so some businesses find that their invoices are paid faster.

    An easy EDI solution with all key trading functions included


    NeTIX Starter solution includes everything you need to trade electronically with your supply chain and larger partners, such as retailers and distribution companies. It gives you an automated process to send & receive business documents. Through an EDI solution you’re able to process orders, invoices, credit notes, delivery notes, and much more.

    NeTIX uses web-services to easily connect businesses to various trading networks. EDI offers a safe and secure method of sending and converting business documents.

    Expanding your trading network with no hassle


    We look after you through the on-boarding stage, and we provide training to be sure that you can operate the system and gain the benefits of embracing EDI.  

    Do you prefer to talk to someone when you need assistance? Our philosophy is to take care of all our customers however large or small, and our technical support team are available by phone when customers need assistance.

    NetEDI offers a range of support options. You can contact us by the method you prefer, so you can call us, email us, or log a support ticket.


    More information

    • Reasons to switch EDI provider

      Value-Added-Networks have been helping company’s exchange data with their supply chain for decades. However more and more companies are experiencing issues that impact their trading community, including:

      – Unsatisfactory customer service and slow problem resolution
      – An unreliable network with too much downtime
      – Legacy, inflexible platform and technology
      – Time delays with on-boarding new trading partners
      – No visibility and time consuming tracking of exceptions
      – Confusing bill structure with unexpected charges

    • Specialist Migration team

      The migration team is a dedicated team of project coordinators who make it easy to switch your
      current service over to NetEDI. The team handles all aspects of dashboard access, including migration
      setup, testing and customer migration. You can also view the migration online with real time status of
      each trading relationship.

    • Our Customer Support

      NetEDI aims to delivers high customer satisfaction and customer support is a primary focus.
      – Varying support packages to  accommodate your business needs
      – Personal touch, primary point of contact provided one to one communication and updates.

    • What to do next

      Please contact us and we’ll provide a quote and more information on how we’ll migrate your system.
      t: +44 (0) 1772 977781

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