Providing a reliable managed service for businesses

Our in-house experts take full ownership of monitoring your B2B solution enabling transactions to commence seamlessly with your trading partners.

All of the necessary components your company needs, tools, technology, platform and access to NetEDI’s expertise are all provided to your company, eliminating the need for company-owned hardware and software. Building your Business-to-Business relationships is no longer a constraint on time and resources.

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Free up internal teams and recover resources



Futureproof your services

Our managed service uses the best technologies and infrastructure on the market to deliver its services. Our hardware is constantly upgraded with no additional cost to yourself. Your hardware will never become obsolete.

Access our expertise

By selecting NetEDI managed services you gain access to a team of B2B specialists and process experts. We take care of all aspects of your EDI, communications, testing, implementation, and trading partner management.

Lower capital outlay

Investment in specialist hardware and software can be high. Our managed service offers the highest quality enterprise and hardware solutions to customers. No unexpected charges, maintenance & updates are part of a fixed plan.

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You will learn:

  • What we offer as a managed service
  • How our managed service can support your business
  • Key benefits of outsourcing


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More information

  • Reasons to switch EDI provider

    Value-Added-Networks have been helping company’s exchange data with their supply chain for decades. However more and more companies are experiencing issues that impact their trading community, including:

    – Unsatisfactory customer service and slow problem resolution
    – An unreliable network with too much downtime
    – Legacy, inflexible platform and technology
    – Time delays with on-boarding new trading partners
    – No visibility and time consuming tracking of exceptions
    – Confusing bill structure with unexpected charges

  • Specialist Migration team

    The migration team is a dedicated team of project coordinators who make it easy to switch your
    current service over to NetEDI. The team handles all aspects of dashboard access, including migration
    setup, testing and customer migration. You can also view the migration online with real time status of
    each trading relationship.

  • Our Customer Support

    NetEDI aims to delivers high customer satisfaction and customer support is a primary focus.
    – Varying support packages to  accommodate your business needs
    – Personal touch, primary point of contact provided one to one communication and updates.

  • What to do next

    Please contact us and we’ll provide a quote and more information on how we’ll migrate your system.
    t: +44 (0) 1772 977781

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