Logistics & Distribution EDI

Eliminate costly errors and delays with trading partners

In today’s market place the Logistics sector is being squeezed from every possible angle. With fuel charges soaring and the rising cost of holding stock at warehouses, Logistic providers are looking for ways to become more efficient and save money at the same time. On top of this Logistics providers often have warehouses all over the world, meaning that a central view of transactions is a must. Late delivery fees are part and parcel of today’s Trading agreements, ensuring that your messages are delivered on time, before goods arrive at the Trading Partner depots is critical.

NetEDI’s NetIX service provides the solution, offering one central place to review transactions, print orders, labels and delivery manifests. NetIX is multi-user and multi-lingual so you can share your data with employees in different parts of the world. Full Visibility of message delivery status is available through the NEGrid Dashboard. You can even utilise the information by embedding EDI functionality into your warehouse software by utilising our API’s – further enhancing, and improving your efficiency and time savings. NetIX integrates with many Accounting, ERP and warehouse systems to enable true integration and helping to cut costs. The Result? A reduction in keying in mistakes and the time taken in performing everyday tasks, freeing up staff for more productive work.

Managing your EDI system can be a daunting task with the many variations in knowledge between Customers and Suppliers. By utilising NetEDI’s Managed EDI service and on boarding service you can achieve a greater return on your EDI investment. More of your Trading Partners can be EDI enabled by utilising NetEDI’s services, allowing you to reduce costs straight from the bottom line.

Moving to the NetIX platform is simple and easy. We handle everything for you. NetIX allows EDI processes to become part of the day-to-day routine, removing the burden of the EDI system from the IT department leaving you to concentrate on your business.

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