Is your Peppol Provider AS4 Certified?

Only a small number of UK Access Point (AP) Providers currently have AS4 Certification. If your provider isn’t one of these, then this could have an impact on the future of your trading.

Many AP providers are struggling to meet the 1 February 2020 deadline for AS4 certification. As a result, you may struggle to send and receive messages via Peppol, disrupting your business’ supply chain.

What is AS4 Certification?

AS4 is an industry-standard certification and offers a large number of features and benefits which directly impact your business. NetEDI’s AS4-compliant solutions will empower your business with the below:

  • Secure message encryption enabling the latest online security protocol
  • Bi-directional push/pull messaging creating the ability to exchange multiple payloads within a communication

Leading the way for NHS Supply Chain

We’re creating an interoperable future for the NHS with our industry-leading supply chain solutions. Find out more about why the NHS chose NetEDI to drive change below:

Future-proof your business

NetEDI are the NHS Supply Chain’s Access Point provider of choice and as such, we’re pioneering change within the industry by creating future-proof solutions in line with the NHS and Peppol regulatory services.

We stay ahead of Peppol changes, so you don’t have to.

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