About Us

Our company was founded on the big idea that we could build one integrated business platform and deliver it online to any business so they could be more successful. What does this mean for you? If you’re looking to drive your own career and make a difference through your work, there’s no better opportunity than NetEDI.

NetEDI offers a fully managed service built upon it’s world class SaaS Integration platform NeTIX which connects over 1500 business worldwide to over 37,000 trading relationships. Exchanging over 14 million documents a month and handling over £6 billion worth of transactions per annum. NetEDI serves all types of companies in the supply chain. Whether you’re a retailer, supplier, grocer, healthcare supplier, distributor or 3PL, the NeTIX platform ensures your onboarding experience will be streamlined and pain-free. Best of all, the process to connect with more retail partners is quick and simple. Our solutions go beyond EDI to enhance visibility, collaboration and communication.

Want to know what it’s like to work for one of Europe’s leading EDI suppliers? #MEETJADE


You will work with our UX Designer to re-engineer applications/website to accelerate business requirements forward. The current project will offer the successful individual the opportunity to take a lead in the development of the key products the company stand by. You will also have key interaction with senior individuals within the business, as well as being able to self-manage and work across the design for front end applications.


Not everyone can be a Front End Web Developer. To be seriously considered for this role, please have the following in regard to:

  • Experience: At least 3 years in a similar role with comparable goals and responsibilities (HTML5, CSS, Javascript, Angular, jquery).
  • Education: Degree in Computing Science, software engineering or a similar field preferred.
  • Skills: Ability to interpret a design brief and establish a comprehensive understanding of the business requirements with proven experience developing interactive applications that have achieved great user adoption. Experience with data visualisation and visual design a plus.
  • Portfolio Required: When applying for this position please include a link to your online portfolio or attach work sample.
  • Characteristics: Interested in learning new technologies with a strong appetite for technology and good user experience.


As part of NetEDI UI teem, you’ll meet the initiative’s strategic needs on your own, experimenting, learning, and adjusting as you go. Along your journey to grow our brand’s audience and reach, you’ll be responsible for:

  • Designing: Beautiful, rich responsive applications that are as engaging as they are shareable.
  • Create: Take wireframes/mockups and user stories and build systems that meet the requirements. Create user-friendly web app interfaces by working closely with UX designers and front-end developers.
  • Develop: Write and maintain efficient, reusable, and reliable code. Identify performance issues and bugs; and provide solutions to these problems. Contribute to creating a culture of writing excellent software.
  • Collaborate: Work with other team members to ensure we are building the right product. Participate in code reviews. Pair-program with other developers and discuss technical architectures.


At NetEDI, we’ve created a strong team culture and ask a lot of our employees, which is why we give so much in return. In addition to your competitive salary, private health insurance, personal car parking pass, and pension, we’ll shower you with perks, including:

  • Education
    We’re committed to helping our people grow by providing in-house education and training whilst on the job.
  • Events
    NetEDI provide regular group events to help maintain a team ethic and professional culture within the business.
  • Dress code
    To provide more freedom, practicality and work focus – NetEDI offer a flexible dress code for our people.
  • Breakfast club
    We host a regular breakfast club. A complimentary spread of delicious foods to give the best start to the day!
  • Social Area
    Table Tennis, Pool table with Xbox and Sky TV
  • Stocked Kitchen
    Regular stocked kitchen with fresh fruit, crisps, snacks and various fruit juice
  • Wellness
    Free gym membership directly across the road to work out that morning stress

Ready to apply?

Send a copy of your CV along with a cover letter to: jobs@netedi.co.uk