Your B2B, managed by us

All of the necessary components your company needs, tools, technology, platform and access to NetEDI’s expertise are all provided to your company, eliminating the need for company-owned hardware and software. Building your Business-to-Business relationships is no longer a constraint on time and resources,


Managed Service benefits

Access to our expertise

By selecting NetEDI managed services you gain access to a team of B2B specialists and process experts. We take care of all aspects of your EDI, communications, testing, implementation, and trading partner management.

Future proof your services

Our managed service uses the best technologies and infrastructure on the market to deliver its services. Our hardware is constantly upgraded with no additional cost to yourself. Your hardware will never become obsolete.

Lower capital outlay

Investment in specialist hardware and software can be high. Our managed service offers the highest quality enterprise and hardware solutions to customers. No unexpected charges, maintenance & updates are part of a fixed plan.


NetEDI implemented their Cloud based NetIX EDI
Managed Service platform for Fosters Bakery
allowing them to remove the hardware burden
from the IT department


NetEDI deliver a cloud-based B2B platform as a managed service. We take responsibility for an organisations B2B operation by managing their electronic trading processes and requirements.

We provide an end-to-end solution that is efficient, scalable and secure built using a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. Our mission is to deliver a world class service that your business deserves.

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