Automotive EDI

Managed Service meets seamless integration

Many Automotive parts suppliers are turning to NetEDI to provide a managed EDI service including translation, connectivity and on-boarding.

The Automotive world has changed over recent years, with profit margins shrinking and a need to get products to market quicker, the industry is always looking to streamline processes and reduce costs.

NeTIX allows you to concentrate on your business, leaving the EDI to us.

Often in the Automotive industry there are many different manufacturing plants and offices around the world. NetEDI’s web-based Dashboard offers multi-user support, that can be accessed from anywhere in the world that has an Internet access. User restrictions can be put in place to restrict the data that the user can see, very useful for when a Sales Department has clerks that deal with specific Trading Partners.

Integration into an Accounting or ERP system is critical if Supply Chain efficiencies are to be gained. NetIX provides unrivalled levels of Integration with many back-end systems. Embedding core EDI functionality, such as searching by Document number at the Network level to find the delivery status of the batch the document was sent in, further improves efficiency within the supply chain. Embedding this functionality within the Sales Ledger of Accounting and ERP systems, allows the Accounts team to track documents easily and quickly.

Tracking Line Level statuses of Orders is another option for clients in the automotive sector. Keep your Customers systems up to date by acknowledging lines that have changed price, quantity, delivery date or status, streamlining data synchronicity.

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