Empower your supply chain through ASN implementation

Advanced Shipping Notices (ASNs) will transform the way your business operates.

Whether you’re a trading partner or supplier, our industry-leading NeASN solution will empower your supply chain.

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Introducing NeASN, powered by NeTIX

An empowered ASN solution designed to work for your business

NeASN was developed to seamless integrate into our industry-leading NeTIX platform to help you achieve the highest level of supply chain productivity.

Manage your entire supply chain through one easy-to-use, user-friendly platform:

  • Gain full visibility of sent and received shipments
  • Accurate data updated in real-time
  • Fully managed in-house service
  • Full onboarding delivered by the experts

Complex messaging, made easy

NetEDI are experts in ASN integration and can easily translate and transmit all message types. Where many other providers can only offer basic message types such as delivery notes, our software enables a much greater overview of shipments including:

Palletisation and pallet codes

Carrier information/mode of transport

Characteristics of shipment

Locality of stock

Through greater transparency of your supply chain, you’ll have full autonomy to run your supply chain efficiently and effectively, enabling your business to focus on growth.


Seamless integration through an award-winning system

With NeASN and NeTIX, not only will you gain full visibility of your deliveries, you’ll also:

  • Have full transparency of your logistics
  • Process orders faster and quicker
  • Enable flow-through/ cross-dock distribution
  • Enjoy seamless integration into your Back-Office System (BOS)
  • Receive immediate notification on your shipments
  • Have full autonomy to identify anomalies without delaying your shipping process
  • Reduce costs and human error
  • Have full palletisation through pallet management
  • Build better relationships with partners and customers
  • Streamline distribution and receive a higher level of accuracy

Pioneering change through ASN technology

NetEDI create cohesive solutions for trading partners and suppliers alike.

Here’s how we’re leading the way for NHS Supply Chain.


Frequently asked questions

  • I’m a Trading Partner, so how will my business benefit from introducing ASNs?

    You will gain full visibility of your entire supply chain and be able effectively manage supplier relationships through real-time shipping data.

  • I’m a Supplier, so how will my business benefit from introducing ASNs?

    By introducing ASNs you will be able to continue to trade openly and securely with your Trading Partner. You will also benefit from real-time shipping data managed through a centralised hub.

  • I use a 3PL to manage my shipping, how would implementing ASNs impact them?

    Our platform enables 3PL providers access, allowing them to input shipping/storage data with ease. Our dedicated Onboarding team will also aid the process by offering in-house support and training.

  • I use multiple file types, can ASNs manage this?

    Yes, through NeASN we can translate and transmit all document types in-line with the demands of your business.

  • Can I print out shipping information?

    Yes, through NeTIX you have full autonomy to print out and export all document types from/to any format.

  • How will I know if there’s an issue with my data?

    NeTIX is one of very few systems available on the market that proactively looks for any anomalies or errors and notifies you instantly. Our in-house Support team will flag any issues should they arise so your business can continue to operate effectively.

  • If our trading partners change their requirements, what do we do?

    NeTIX knows what your trading partners’ requirements are and will not allow you to send an invalid document. As and when your trading partners update or change their EDI requirements, NetEDI will manage this for you, updating our NeTIX platform for the whole community.

  • This sounds a technical process, how much will we have to do?

    In-short, not much! The whole process is completed by the NetEDI Operations Team. You will have a dedicated Operations specialist assigned to you, that will look after each stage for you – from placing your order all the way through to installation. Once NeTIX is live for your company, you will have access to our in-house Support team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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