API stands for Application Programming Interface is an intermediary software that enables two programs to communicate with one another. An API is simply a messenger that requests specific data from a provider and delivers a response to the provider.

API capabilities offer businesses the change to add new channels, automate and optimise their eco-system through a coordinated communication style.

Seamless connectivity

Adding APIs to your B2B strategy ensures a synonymous and coordinated flow of transferring real-time and file-based data. Web APIs provide your business with real-time inventory information and accurate pricing directly integrated to your shopping system, helping to streamline your B2B transactions. 






NetEDI Integrate with the most popular ecommerce sites

APIs offer payment gateway integration on online stores, they feed data directly into your shop systems, ensuring they always have the most up-to-date and accurate information.

Buying online appears to be a seamless process, although there is a data transfer to verify your credit/debit card to allow the transaction commence – this is possible due to payment API integration into your ecommerce website.

The advantages of API integration

APIs offer a whole host of new benefits for your business, trading partners, and customers:

  Real-time data transfer.
  Automate key developmental tasks.
  Offer partners the choice of EDI or API connection.
  Save time and costs through creating on optimised B2B gateway.
  Efficient deployment and easier onboarding process.
 Greater connectivity to third parties.
  Improved customer experiences.


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