Simplify your PEPPOL implementation

No hardware or software installation. Comply with PEPPOL standards using our Cloud-based platform

Join the community of NHS buyers & sellers using PEPPOL

Integrate your PEPPOL data into any system

Send/Receive your PEPPOL transactions online

Managed Service. Your very own PEPPOL dept.

What is PEPPOL?

PEPPOL (Pan-European Public Procurement Online) is an integral part of the NHS' Scan4Safety strategy.

PEPPOL messaging standards are being established throughout the NHS, which has enabled simplified and

standardised connections between trusts and suppliers. The main purpose of PEPPOL is to allow for the transfer of

electronic business documents, including Orders, Invoices and Credit Notes, across a wide interoperable network.

Connect your business with the community of NHS buyers and sellers using GS1 PEPPOL messaging standards.


A solution that fits your business

PEPPOL for businesses of all size

Smaller Suppliers

If you're communicating only a limited number of transactions we provide a simple form-based service . 

See our video demonstration here.

Medium Sized Enterprises

If you are needing to integrate your transactions with ERP and back office systems, NetEDI offer comprehensive integration solutions to help them to connect seamlessly.

Trusts & larger organisations

If you are supporting large volumes of data for multiple suppliers, our enterprise solution excels with multiple processes and enables the exchange of large volumes of documents.

Your personal PEPPOL department

Our Managed Services take responsibility for your PEPPOL integration infrastructure and processes, enabling you to outsource the electronic exchange of your business documents.

Access to our expertise

Gain access to a team of B2B specialists and process experts. We take care of all aspects of your data, communications, testing, implementation, and trading partner management.

Lower capital outlay

The investment in specialist hardware and software can be high. NetEDI managed services offer the highest quality enterprise and hardware solutions to customers. All maintenance and updates are part of a fixed plan.

Users can access from anywhere

Being completely online and within the cloud enables staff to work from any location and are no longer tied to a single PC or laptop.


Remove the bottleneck. NetEDI provide true multi-user access enabling users to work on the PEPPOL solution at the same time.

Automatic upgrades

At NetEDI, all updates take place on our hosted environment to ensure that you're always accessing the most up to date version.

Support & maintenance included

Multi-user functionality

Simple & intuitive to use

Connect to any trading partner

Cloud-based, work from anywhere

Order, invoices, ASN. All documents supported

PEPPOL managed service

Remote updates

A PEPPOL Access point built for everyone.

Built on the best hardware and industry-leading network.